Stuart Weitzman ‘Lowland’ Review


Today’s post & my first fashion post has to go to these boots… the Stuart Weitzman ‘Lowland’ boots in Black Suede. When I tell you these boots were my obsession for MONTHS, I am not exaggerating; and the obsession was almost unhealthy. I became obsessed with over the knee boots very quickly, especially the low heeled ones. It started unfortunately when the Highland’s(the high heeled version of these) became very popular so right off the bat it was hard to find low heeled ones, and then came the fit. Before these boots, the only black “cold” weather boots I owned were the Steve Madden Troopa boots that I got YEARS ago. And although I still wear them occasionally, the leather has worn down a bit over time and just don’t look very chic as these do with all of my winter-y outfits. The biggest struggle when it came to finding a nice, non-cheap looking, not high heeled pair of over the knee boots, however, was the fit…

My calf is about 10 inches and above my knee, about where the boot ends is 12 inches. This was my biggest problem, because even “slim calf” boots were only 12 inches in the calf and ALWAYS got bigger in the thigh. Many of them also didn’t stay up so on top of them being big and getting baggy, they also got baggy because there was no thickness to them. I tried on countless pairs of black over the knee boots, ordered ones online and had to go through hell to return them, and never found a pair that fit the way I wanted to. (Also, side note; I will admit I was VERY picky when it came to these boots and my mother disliked me everyday for it. However, in my opinion, when you’re wearing such a bold shoe that will clearly bring attention, it needs to fit right. When someone’s OTK boots fit well, they look great. When they are way too big, they aren’t as flattering as they should be, and don’t look as nice). After trying almost every boot under the planet, and constantly reading reviews/seeing pictures of these boots, I made the terrible decision to try these boots on in Bloomingdale’s just for “fun”… I knew in my mind that with my luck, they’ll fit exactly how I wanted and I’d fall madly in love with them. And thats exactly what happened. After that, I couldn’t get these boots off my mind and asked(slightly made?) my friends and family agree that they looked the best out of every boot I’d tried on. Low and behold, Christmas morning I was so incredibly thankful/blessed/lucky to find these beauties under the tree and I haven’t stopped screaming since.

These boots are SO COMFORTABLE, absolutely gorgeous, and look amazing with literally so many outfits. The inside is lined with a beautiful satin that makes it extremely easy to slide over jeans, tights, leggings, etc. The black suede is a true jet black and when brushed with a suede brush, looks even better. The heel is the perfect height; right what I’m use to with the Steve Madden Troopa’s, and the toe box is a beautiful and also comfortable shape.  I read a few reviews saying the boot was too narrow especially in the toe box, but it’s perfect for me. However, if you do have bunions or just wide feet, you can order them in wider widths online!

I ended up going with a size 8 medium. I went for the size 8 because it gave me enough room to wear thin or thick socks comfortably. As for styling these, I want to make a whole separate post about outfit inspiration but the #1 thing I’d say I wear these with are leggings. I love throwing on a sweater, long thermal, or flannel, leggings, and these boots and heading out the door. Even with a plain sweater and leggings, these boots make an outfit look so much more put together and chic. I also love wearing these with skirts/dresses and tights. I have yet to wear with without tights but when I do I will be sure to post about it! I’ve only ever tried them on without tights and they did fall down a bit, but I’ve heard from other bloggers that wearing knee high socks underneath when you aren’t wearing tights help to keep them up, so try that if you’re having trouble!

Now, nothing/no one is perfect so I must say my one small complaint about these boots. Those freaking ties in the back! I love them, because they make the top of the boot the exact fit to my thigh, however, they always come untied! I have more problems trying to keep these things tied than I do having them fall down. No matter how tight I tie them, they always come loose and I have to retie them constantly. I’ve also tried tucking them in, but because of the little keyhole in top they never sat right and you could see they’d been tucked in. I don’t mind having them out when they’re in the cute little bow, but when they’re coming loose and half tied, half in a knot, it’s not as cute anymore. 😦

PHEW. Well that’s my review/history on the gorgeous Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots. I apologize that this is a bit lengthy, but I had a lot to say about these guys! I will include multiple links to them below, so that you can shop around and see if one store is having a sale or may have one in the future(MLK holday coming up!)

P.S. If anyone would like a post on Lowland look-a-like’s then let me know and I’ll be happy to do one! Even if they didn’t work for me, they may work for you and there were definitely a couple that were beautiful quality!

Speak soon, Olivia




SW website

Neiman Marcus



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